Prayer List of JOY Indonesia


JOY Prayer Point (August – September 2018):

  1. We are grateful for every prayer and financial support from our alumni and supporter, and we pray that there will be more alumni can be participated to support JOY’s ministry.
  2. We pray for staff monthly financial support and operational funds, may God provide according to His Grace
  3. We pray for every JOYer to be actively involved in every activity such as cell group, creative ministry as well as regular training.
  4. We pray for every leader can be a living model and a booster for the members to be more committed.
  5. We pray for regeneration of leaders in JOY.
  6. We pray for prayer and outreach movement in some universities, we pray many students can be involved in this movement.
  7. We pray that JOY’s student center can be a meeting point for every JOYer to interact and build a good relationship among members, and we also pray for the plan to build a multi-purpose hall, for the licensing and registration requirements.
  8. We pray for new full timer staffs in JOY fellowship (especially man) and also staff’s health in order to do every task and mentoring well

Prayer List for Upcoming Events:

  1. Core Members’ Camp which will be held in 18th – 19th of August 2018.
  2. Additional training (weekend training) in 21st and 25th of August 2018
  3. Encounter Retreat (to affirm new leaders in JOY) in 1st – 2nd of September 2018.
  4. 26th anniversary of JOY in 28th of September 2018.


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